What to Expect at Equip Church International

Visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you have not been to church for a long time or perhaps ever. If you have not been to church for a long time what you experience might be very different to what you are expecting. The following FAQ’s will hopefully help you to prepare for your visit so that you can feel welcome and comfortable.

When are the services?

We have Sunday services across two locations. In the morning at 9am and 11am we have services at Equip Church International (formerly South West Christian Church) at 145-157 Hogans Road, Hoppers Crossing. We also have a 11am service held in Manor Lakes at the Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre, 86 Manor Lakes Boulevard, Manor Lakes. In addition to these we also have a weekly youth service on Friday night and International Celebrations on Saturday nights, both of these held at Equip Church International at Hoppers Crossing.

What happens in the service?

Our services run for approximately 90 minutes and include times of music and preaching. Our music is contemporary in nature and is aimed to be accessible to the broad range of people that attend our church. We encourage passionate participation in this part of our service. Our messages are relevant and bible-based, using the truth of the bible to provide instruction and inspiration that can be used in everyday life. In addition to this our services include the sharing of communion and communication of church vision and activities.

What should I wear?

Equip Church’s services are casual and contemporary and our dress reflects this. Even our pastors dress in neat casual clothing. Others prefer to wear their “Sunday best” and you are welcome to do this also.

Where should I park?

For our Hoppers Crossing location:
If you are driving, you can enter the car park from the east entrance along Hogans Road. There is normally sufficient parking on the property for you and the car park attendants will assist you with where to park. The car park exit is at the western gate to ensure smooth traffic flow between church and general vehicles. If you are taking public transport, there is a bus stop located at the corner of Hogans road and Derrimut road within walking distance of the church.

For our Manor Lakes location:
If you are driving, you can enter the Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre car park from Manor Lakes Boulevard. There is normally sufficient parking on the property for you. If you are taking public transport the church is a 10 minute walk from the Wyndham Vale Railway Station.

What if I have children?

We have programs running in our Sunday services for all children aged from three years old through to grade four. You will need to sign your children into the program at the reception desk in the foyer. You will be given a unique identifier that will be required to pick your child up at the end of the service which will also be used to communicate discreetly should your child need assistance during the program. Equip Church International follows the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) Child Protection Policy and all workers are required to have Working with Children Checks.

For younger children we have two spaces available for parents. One includes provision for feeding and changing facilities and the other is designated for quiet play. Both spaces include a television screen showing a live feed of the service from the auditorium.

Please note that there is limited pram parking in the auditorium and no food or drink is permitted in carpeted areas in the building.

What if I have hearing issues?

Our auditorium at our Hoppers Crossing location is fitted with a hearing loop. This enables users with a hearing aid fitted with a telecoil sensor to connect to the service audio through their hearing aid.

The volume of our services is set to maximise the experience of worship for our congregation and is set to within a safe range according to Australian standards. However earplugs are available upon request to make your listening experience more comfortable.

How many people will be there?

The size of the congregation depends on which service you attend. Our average attendance for our 9am service is around 300 people while the 11am service averages around 500 people.

After the service

At the close of the service on your first visit, we would love you to stop by our connect lounge. This is a great place to find out more about the church, you can meet one of our pastors, and you will get a free café quality coffee (or drink of your choice) because coffee always makes conversation better.