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Connect with Christians from your region of the world at our International Celebrations services where people of the same ethnic background come together to fellowship

Join us every Friday and Saturday and experience God in a different way.

Enjoy an awesome fellowship, sumptuous feast, and an amazing cultural experience from Africa, the South Pacific, Asia, South America, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Here’s a list of our groups, when they meet each month and where. If you’d like to attend a home fellowship, please contact the church on (03) 9748 9177.

Group When Where
African 1st Saturday at 6pm Service
Chinese (Mandarin) 4th Saturday at 6pm Service
European 3rd Friday at 7pm Home Fellowship
French 1st & 3rd Monday at 7pm Home Fellowship
Indian International 4th Saturday at 6pm Service
Indian Malayalam 1st Saturday at 6pm Service
Latin American 2nd Saturday at 6pm Service
Middle East – Arabic / Farsi 3rd Saturday at 6pm Service
Myanmar (Burmese) Every Saturday at 6pm Service
New Zealand Pacific 3rd Saturday at 6pm Service
Pinoy (Philippines) 2nd Saturday at 6pm Service
Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia 4th Saturday at 6pm Service