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Magnificent Motivations

Someone asked me yesterday, “How do we ensure that when we worship as musicians that it’s all for God and not for hype?” And I thought to myself, “geez I’m so glad we have quality people like you on team asking deep questions like this” followed by saying to him, “I’m gonna write a blog […]


Clothed in Righteousness

After Team Night this week I had it on my heart to write something biblically encouraging; something that I believe we don’t really talk much about, yet is so profound it has changed the way I approach God. Have you ever thought of yourself in a particular negative way, and as a result you won’t dare […]


Spirit and Truth

One of my favourite songs at the moment (and has been for some time) is So Will I, by Hillsong. Earlier today I was reading the lyrics again. It sent shivers down my spine and I had a moment of adoration toward God. Have a read of this ridiculous chorus: And as You speak A hundred billion creatures […]


8 Tips to Being a Better Band Leader

With a few people jumping into the role, I think it’s only fitting I write a few things about being a band leader (or MD – music director) on the team. For those not in the role of band leader, it’s still good to know what we do so we can work together more effectively! And who […]


The Art of Following the Conductor

I love orchestral music. When I get the chance, I love going to see live orchestral music. There’s really nothing quite like 80-90 musicians playing their part in tandem with each other, led by the conductor, to collectively bring a composer’s vision to life. I remember hearing a story about a percussionist in an orchestra. […]


Song Story | Jesus, My Treasure

If we examine ourselves and really look deep within, we’d probably find many things that we hold of value. Many things that we desire and many things that make us happy. If the heart was a house then I am sure it would be riddled with trinkets and toys. Hoarding everything we could find of […]


Love God. Love People.

Love God. Love People. I’ve been serving in the worship team for almost 10 years now, and it’s been one of the best journeys I could have ever embarked on. It’s refined me as a person, urged me to continue fighting the good fight, encouraged me to go deeper in my understanding of faith and […]


Posture | Humility

Posture is an interesting thing. Physically, it has such an influence on our freedom to move and our capabilities to do every day tasks. On the other hand, bad posture can bring on a whole set of problems that seem at unrelated at first, but can cause long lasting issues. Over the last few years, […]



Welcome to the South West Creative blog! We’re very excited to be launching this as a means to share our heart, discuss God’s Word, get a deeper look into some of our initiatives, shed some light on the stories behind our lyrics and give you some thoughts and tips on the more practical areas of […]