One little decision was all it took…

Have you ever found yourself saying…

“How did I get here? It was all going so wonderfully well and then Bam!

One little decision and suddenly I’m heading in the wrong direction

I found myself in this exact position the other day, quite literally.  It was a Friday afternoon; I was on my way home from an appointment in the city. Five minutes into the trip and I suddenly paid attention where I was.

“Nooooooo! This isn’t right?”

I screamed in my head as I stoically sat in my seat. Cause heaven forbid I give away the foolish mistake I’ve just made.

“Nothing amiss here passengers, all good bus driver.

I’ll just sit here and get off…wait where will I get off?”

Don’t laugh now, cause it’s really not funny…well maybe it is a little funny.

What can you do?

Sometimes you make one little dumb decision, next thing you are heading to who knows where.


It got me thinking about our lives. At the start of the year, many of us set out well. We began by seeking God for direction, as we each considered what the year would hold. We believed for the fulfilment of promises. We set our course and off we went. But have we kept track of where we are?

Have you paused to look around and ask, “is this where I am meant to be?”

Maybe you have found yourself on ‘the wrong bus’. One little bad decision, that seemed insignificant at the time, and now you are heading in a different direction.

King David could tell you a little bit about how one little bad decision can have huge consequences (2 Samuel 11-12). His one little decision was to stay back from war and let his men do the fighting, just this one time.

It meant he was on a rooftop relaxing when he should not have been. This in turn placed him in a position to see the beautiful Bathsheba.

Seeing became wanting, wanting became having, and before he had even realised his trajectory, his ‘wrong bus’ resulted in adultery, murder and a 7 day old baby dying. Epic fail!

Where did it all start? One little bad decision: not being where he should have been, leading his army in battle.

Don’t let one little decision leave you heading for a destination you and God never intended. We are heading into April. It is quarter past 2017. What a great time to pause and check our direction.

If you realise there has been one little bad decision that is heading you the wrong way, course correct. There is hope. The year is not done. The Lord is gracious. Before you know it, you will be back on track.

You don’t have to stay on the new ‘bus route’. One little good decision and you can set yourself on the right route.

You can

  • Make the choice for this moment to forgive
  • Surrender that little bit of independence
  • Choose to be generous
  • Reach out with a tangible expression of love (no matter the circumstances)

Pause and ask yourself “what do I need to do?”

Let’s not wait. Today revaluate and reset, make that one little good decision.


So how did my story end? Remarkably well. Turns out this bus was heading a station further along my route home.  An extra 20 minutes, a tour of some different roads, a wait at a different station and eventually I was back on track. One thing you can be certain of, I will never again get on a bus at without first checking the bus number. One little good decision to check the bus number is now a must. Lesson learnt!

Ps Raelle Smit