He is reaching out for you
Ps Raelle Smit

A few week’s ago I received an email from one of our church people with the testimony below. I want to share it with you to remind you, God loves you and never leaves you (Duet 31:6).

Sometimes we allow guilt and regret to create a barrier between us and our God, who loves us so much. We believe we should/want to spend more time with Him, or we make a promise to invest more in our relationship with Him.  Yet we fail to be intentional about such decisions, or we find it hard to connect, to sense His presence. We allow life to get busy, or trials come and we get distracted. And before we know it months have past and we are no closer or may even be further away from our God. I speak to many people who express a desire to be more connected to God and yet feel guilty they are not. And I believe it is this guilt that keeps them away. It is this guilt at not doing what they believe they should that holds them back from stepping in again. Why? Because I believe they expect God to be disappointed with them or even angry with them. And who wants to face up to someone they have let down. But God is not like this. He loves us with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). He is always delighted to have us come to Him in intentional quality time. He is always working for our good (Romans 8:28).

In fact He never stops reaching out to us. He holds out His hand again and again and says come. He steps into our world and brings to bear all His favour and grace and love. He never stops giving all He has to us. Never.

Today – why don’t you put aside any regret, guilt or anything that hinders you from fully encountering God’s presence and intentionally put aside some time to talk with Him and most importantly let Him love on you.


“Approx  6-8 months ago I had made up my mind to intentionally spend more quality time with God but it turned out the opposite.  As I was in a taxi travelling early morning to the airport I was very disappointed with myself as I did not spend time with God as planned. Suddenly..it appeared to me that the Holy Spirit was ministering to me,  I believe that He told me; “you know at this time at work when you were at a dead end, I was the one who gave you a fresh revelation to show you a way out. When you were with this difficult customer and you did not understand that conversation, I was the one who gave you insight and helped you respond and helped you find favour with him. When you did not know what to write in that report, I was the one who filled those pages.” Then my spirit was lifted and I had this amazing peace…His Word is true He will never leave us or forsake us, it is not only our devotion and our efforts to draw near to Him that draws Him to us. It is His grace and limitless love for us from before the beginning of time. Where He is always longing to be with us. He loved us first that He sent Jesus because he loved us despite our failings,  there is another verse that tell us that nothing in the heavens or on earth can separate His  love for us.”