God Remembers You
Brenda Bone

This article is a testimony from one of our church members. May it encourage you to know God remembers you too.

“Church, have you ever wondered if God has remembered He put you here?  Have you ever wondered if  you still matter to Him?  Here is my testimony to encourage you.

A couple of months ago my youngest daughter, Leah, saved up and paid for her second Philippines Missions Trip with school.  A few days before she was due to come home, I received a call at 2am  from Leah to say that she was in a hospital in Manila with a suspected Appendicitis.

Things progressed very quickly and the next afternoon she was operated on and I was booked on a flight to the Philippines the next morning.  Those who know me, know that I have a terrible sense of direction and am very uncomfortable with unfamiliar destinations, let alone another country.

On the plane, I began to feel very anxious and began to pray and seek God for a scripture to focus on.  Only two scriptures, only two of so many came to mind:-

I focussed on these and in a mixture of human fear and Godly trust, I arrived at the hospital many many hours later – hot sticky and tired.

As I walked into the hospital, the image above is what was on the wall – as large as life itself. This is a photo of the exact thing that greeted me.

At that moment, I was reminded that God cared so much about me.  He loved me, and was concerned about my concerns.  The rest of the trip was trouble free.  It didn’t mean that I was no longer anxious about getting lost, but I was reminded that He was with me.

On our trip home together, we were behind of a young man, who took his jacket off just as he entered the walkway to board the plane. At the back of his left arm he had a tattoo, which read.

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”. 

I was so amazed, again at the graciousness of God.  I wanted to take a photo, but my daughter wasn’t for the idea!!

I am so sure that God doesn’t love us all the same……  Surprised????    I’m not….. I believe he loves us individually.  He created us all uniquely, one of a kind, special and important – He therefore loves us the same way – Uniquely, one of a kind, in a special way, in a way that is important to us.”

Brenda Bone