Giving God the Best
Sterg Ayeni

5,000 + years ago God looked through the windows of heaven, looking down at his earth. All was dark, the darkness was not the same He had dispelled at creation, it was a darkness that permeated hearts and sentenced hopes from the proverbial stretching arms of the needy. No one was interested in giving worship to God, much less quality worship. Men, Women and their offspring were fumbling around in utter confusion and ignorance.

God saw His people in all of their wickedness and their weaknesses and His heart breaks, the same yearning and overwhelming feeling you and I have for a baby about to roll over from the bed unto a tiled floor, a cheeky child holding a fork to an electricity socket…God felt the same, the urge to save, to rescue or ransom them from themselves despite themselves our creator felt it all. Something had to be done and that something was the same thing He did for Adam and Eve at Eden, a sacrifice! Yes, an ultimate sacrifice needed to be done if they were to be eternally saved from sin.

God had many options to get this done, angels he might have sent to help. But NO! He did not even consider them.

Were they perfect? … you bet they were. Were they obedient?,,, is that even a question worth answering? But God did not choose any of them despite of their propensity to obey and their natural perfection. No! God choose His best.

Malachi got a whiff of this revelation and he stated his prophetic juxtaposition by comparing Gods love in his prophecy, he set those two things — the love of God and the disgraceful worship of man — side by side. His prophecy opens with the assertion, “I have loved you, says the Lord.” By the third chapter of his exposition God accused the people of dishonouring him with shoddy, disgraceful worship (1:6-8). The arrogant, deluded, degenerate and cynical people argued in response, “In what way have we despised your name?” Malachi’s responsibility was to convey that they were giving God their leftovers. This was a clear view of the religious life that had followed the cleansing at the ark less than 2000 years before. As at this time the priests were accepting moulded bread and blind, crippled and diseased animals for sacrifice on the altar!

Instead of bringing their best, they were bringing their leftovers and offering them to God.
To this end God stated in His prophetic revelation that such attitude was unacceptable. John got a whiff of this revelation and he quickly penned the inspiration in (John 3:16) “For God so loved the world . . .”
What will you give God today? This week? This month? In offering, in prayer, in testifying, in loving others, in reaching out to those who need you the most? Remember we are to do all things as unto God! 1 Corinthians 10:31- 33, Colossians 3:17, 23

This is the challenge I want to lay at your feet as you go out this week. What will you give God? This challenge is for you and me, remember: a salvation that cost nothing, is worth nothing…for it brings no lasting satisfaction to us.