Different but the same
Ps Gavin Sheen

Whilst dipping into a tub of M&M’s recently I noticed although they were different colours they all tasted the same. Then I got to thinking about birds, finches to be exact and how there are so many different coloured types but finches just the same. Then I thought about tropical fish and the myriad of colours, but fish all the same. So I reasoned if God could paint birds, fish and animals different colours why couldn’t He do the same with humans. We are made up of many different shades of skin tones, but we are all made anatomically the same, male and female, but we are still the same and equal in God’s eyes. And yet we humans fight among our tribes in a way I don’t see in the creatures of the sea, air and land, unless for food.

Then my mind wandered to the make-up of church folk, so many different “nationalities” and abilities. Each person with a different role to play in God’s Kingdom. Each one of us striving to be good at what we do and to please God. But do we really see what God has destined each of us individually to be? Do we realise each one of us has a unique calling to perform? We are not all preachers or singers while at church and we are not all the same when we are out in the world being an example for God. We all have a different approach of telling others how Jesus told us to love one another.  Learn to be who God made you to be, be content in who you are and do the job God has designed you to do. Be like a M&M, different on the outside but just as sweet and appealing on the inside.